No products are appearing on my listing

There could be various reasons why no products are appearing on your Google Business Profile listing.

Starting with the most obvious, did you select the correct Google Business Profile location in the plugin settings (WP Dash > Product Sync for GBP section)?

Next, go to one of the WooCommerce products that you expected to be synced to your Google Business Profile. The Synced to GBP section should say "Yes":

If it doesn't, check the checkbox in front of the product and from the list of Bulk actions, select Sync to GBP, and press Apply:

If the product still doesn't appear on your listing after a few minutes, open the product editor and open the Product Sync for GBP tab in the Product data section. If there have been any errors publishing the product, they will be displayed here:

In the case above, the product did not have a Product image (which is required for a GBP product). The errors displayed here may range from very helpful to very unhelpful 😄 If you are not sure what the error means or how you can fix it, just send me a message and we'll figure it out!

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