How to connect your Google account

Note: This only works for GBP locations that haven't been linked to Merchant Center. To use this plugin, unlink Merchant Center from your location first.

  1. Open the plugin settings in your WordPress dashboard by going to the Product Sync for GBP section
  2. Click the blue Connect to Google Business Profile button
  3. Open a new Incognito/private browsing window in your browser. (Firefox: Ctrl+Shift+P, Edge/Chrome: Ctrl+Shift+N)
  4. Navigate to in the incognito window
  5. Log in to the Google account that contains the Google Business Profile location that you want to link to the
  6. Open the browser console (Firefox/Chrome: Ctrl+Shift+J, Edge: Ctrl+Shift+I)
    1. Chrome:
      1. Open the “Application” tab (you may have to press the 2 arrows pointing to the right to reveal it).
      2. Under “Storage”, open the “Cookies” section and select If isn't there, one of the other domains should work as well.
    2. Firefox:
      1. Open the “Storage” tab (you may have to press the 2 arrows pointing to the right to reveal it)
      2. Select under the “Cookies” section. If isn't there, one of the other should work as well.
  7. Look for the SSID, SID and HSID cookies. If there is more than one of them with the same name, pick the one associated to domain.
  8. Copy the value of each the cookie by double clicking the value and pressing CTRL+C, and paste it into the associated field in the plugin:

  9. Press “Save settings” to test the cookie values and connect the account to the website
  10. Product creation will now be available for the selected account.

Note! Do not explicitly log out of your Google account after completing the steps. Close the incognito browser window immediately after setting the cookies.

The cookie values will expire from time to time (in which case the plugin will show you a warning message). You'll need to repeat the process above in order to obtain new ones, writing them down for later use will not work. If you have multiple websites you will need to repeat the process above for each of them, sharing the same values will not work properly across multiple sites.

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